monster buck classic dates January 22-24, 2014

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Presents 2016 Monster Buck Contest

Enter your buck and you could win a new Hoyt Defiant bow!

Enter your buck in the 2015-16 Monster Buck Contest anytime Friday from 3PM to 9PM, Saturday 9AM to 7PM and Sunday from 9AM to Noon. Owner must be present to enter the contest and be present during the Main Event at 2PM on Sunday. See the Official Rules of Entry for all rules.

The Monster Buck Classic is proud to contract with the North American Shed Hunters Club to conduct the Monster Buck Contest and the all new Shed Contest. Our contest is now sanctioned and governed by the NASHC. The Boone and Crockett scoring system is the system used in determining all winners.

“MBC encourages everyone to bring their deer heads for scoring and displaying REGARDLESS of its potential to win any of the categories or the age of the mount. We want to display them for the world to see! NASHC will also score ANY deer head, skull or horns you have and as many as you want regardless of how old it is for $10.00 per deer head or set of horns. Each person wishing to have a deer scored MUST purchase an armband to get into the event prior to registering the deer.”

Monster Buck Classic Monster Buck Contest Awards & Prizes:
King of Kansas Typical and King of Kansas Non-Typical:
• $500.00 Cash Prize
• Monster Buck Classic King of Kansas Trophy
• Name on the coveted "Heisman" King of Kansas Trophy forever
• Reign as the King of Kansas until someone else brings in a bigger deer

 All 1st Place Winners in each category:
• 1st Place Monster Buck Classic Contest Trophy
All 2nd Place Winners:
• 2nd Place Monster Buck Classic Contest Trophy
All 3rd Place Winners:
• 3rd Place Monster Buck Classic Contest Trophy

Please review the Official Monster Buck Contest Entry Rules. Click Here 
Enter your Antlers;
Friday: 3 PM – 9 PM Saturday: 9 AM – 7 PM Sunday: 9AM - Noon

The event doors are not open to the public until 10AM on Sunday morning but those wishing to bring their buck in for scoring and/or to enter the Monster Buck Contest can do so starting at 9AM on Sunday morning. The purchase of an armband to get into the event must be done before registering on Sunday morning. The box office will be open.

Monster Buck Contest Awards event will happen at 2PM on Sunday to announce all category winners and to crown the Kings of Kansas should a new winner be entered.

To Enter the Monster Buck Contest or have a buck officially B & C Scored: $10.00. A $15 armband to get in the event must be purchased prior to registering the deer.

*Only Deer harvested in Kansas are eligible to enter the Monster Buck Contest. Anyone, resident or non-resident, can have a antlers, skulls or horns officially scored.


Official Monster Buck Contest Rules:

1.Monster Buck Contest is open to hunters who legally harvested a whitetail deer in the state of Kansas during the 2015 deer season.
2.Contestants must show their 2015 Kansas Deer Hunting permit and allow MBC to make a photocopy of the license.
3.Contestants cannot have any KDWP Game violations on record.
4.Contestant authorizes MBC, at its sole discretion, to run a KDWP violation report to determine if contestant has any current KDWP game violations.
5.All contestants are subject to a lie detector test administered by a third party upon request to determine if the buck is a legal buck under the rules described herein
6.The deer must have been harvested under free range conditions and not in an enclosed high fence area or any other unfair situation
7.Firearms are considered a rifle or legal hand gun
8.Muzzleloader is considered traditional or in-line
9.Entries will be accepted on Friday from 3PM to 9PM and Saturday 9AM to 7PM and Sunday 9 AM to Noon.
10.Antlers do not need to be mounted. Antlers must have a solid skull plate.
11.Buck must have been harvested in the current year hunting season to enter any of the Archery, Firearm or Muzzleloader categories. This year will include deer taken in the 2015 deer season.
12.To compete in the Youth category, hunter must have been 16 years of age or younger at time of harvest. Proof of birth date required.
13.Each buck will be given a numbered claim check and the deer given a registration tag that will be placed on one of the horns. The claim check must be presented at the time of pick up
14.A tie in scoring for any category placement will be broken in a Sunday "Crowd Favorite voting system" where the crowd will vote on their favorite. The other drops one placement.
15. Entries eligible for one Award only.
16.No entries can be picked up without permission before the Awards Event is over on Sunday afternoon.
17.Scoring and Awards will be determined based on the Boone & Crockett and/or Pope & Young measuring methods.
18.You MUST have a Claim Check AND Proof of Identity to claim your entry. No exceptions. Security of all bucks is a high priority at the show. We strongly suggest your trophy be locked in your car after it is returned to you. No deer will be allowed on the show floor after it has been returned to you.
19.If entry is on the leader board in any category the buck must remain on the leader board or it is disqualified.
20. King winners will give MBC the right to promote market and publish the names of the winners and the actual replicated mount.
21.Winners of the King of Kansas Typical or Non-Typical gives MBC the right to one "Replica" of the winning buck and cooperate with MBC in getting the original mount shipped to Antlers by Klaus. The entire cost to replicate the winning deer and shipping is the cost of MBC.
22.Antlers by Klaus will ship the mold back to the winner along with the original mount and the replica will be sent to MBC.
23.MBC will only own the one replica and have no other rights to the deer or mold.
24.The mold is the property of the King of Kansas winner and NOT MBC.
25.Antlers by Klaus has no rights to any replica, mold or any other rights to the deer head or mount whatsoever.
26. Replica is to be used in the promotion and marketing of future Monster Buck Classic events.

In addition to being able to have your deer officially scored by B & C you now have the opportunity to have it officially scored by Buckmaster's Trophy Record scorers in attendance and placed in the BTR record book should it qualify. The founder and chairman for BTR Mike Handley will be on hand with his "A Team" scoring deer heads. All you need to do is be sure to request when checking in your deer head that you want it Officially BTR scored as well.


Click the image to download and print the form...


Reigning King of Kansas Typical Since 2013: Don Parr
County of Harvest: Johnson
Method: Firearm
Gross - 203"
Net - 194 6/8"

Reigning King of Kansas Non-Typical Since 2014: Cade Hays - Salina, KS
County of Harvest: Saline
Method: Firearm
Gross - 246 5/8"
Net - 238 6/8"
2015 Monster Buck Contest Categories:

Best of the Rest Typical

Best of the Rest Non-Typical

Men's Top 3 Archery Typical Whitetail

Men's Top 3 Archery Non-Typical Whitetail

Men's Top 3 Firearm Typical Whitetail

Men's Top 3 Firearm Non-Typical Whitetail

Men's Top 2 Black Powder Typical Whitetail

Men's Top 2 Black Powder Non-Typical Whitetail

Women's Top 3 Overall Typical Whitetail Any Method

Women's Top 3 Overall Non-Typical Whitetail Any Method

Youth Top 3 Overall Typical Whitetail Any Method

Youth Top 3 Overall Non-Typical Whitetail Any Method

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